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Item in Outbox being archived

Created: 09 Aug 2013 • Updated: 23 Aug 2013 | 11 comments
Scott _Hastings's picture
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We are doing a migration from Exchange 2007 to 2010.

We are finding that items in the Outbox are being archived, I've honesty never come across this before. Is this expected behavior? Will EV archive the Outbox just like any other folder?

I assume so and if this is happening at a higher rate after a mailbox has been moved because items are staying in the Outbox for a longer period of time?

 Any advice/guidance appreciated.

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GabeV's picture


That's odd. Why would you have emails on the Outbox folder? I guess Enterprise Vault would archive this folder just like another folder. Looking at the adv settings under the mailbox policy, there are special options for Deleted Items amd Draft Items, but I do not see anything for the Outbox. Thus, EV would archive this folder just like another one.

You can exclude this folder from the archiving process with an EVPM script:

How to turn off archiving for a sub folder within the inbox using Enterprise Vault Policy Manager (EVPM)

I hope this helps.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill

Pradeep_Papnai's picture

Is this happening for all items & all user on Exchange 2010 for outbox folder?

It could be the user's draft an email and click on sent while they are offline, during offline mode if they modify the email and just save without clicking on 'sent' option then there are chance of email remain in outbox. EV will archive these unless we don't have stop archiving from draft item, I honestly have not tested, will check it as soon as get time.

Meanwhile you can stop archiving from outbox as Gabe suggested by running EVPM script.

JesusWept3's picture

Outbox doesn't exist on the exchange server, it should only reside on the local mailbox
So it suggests that someone accidentally dragged and dropped items in to the outbox

Items that have already been sent and placed in the outbox won't resend, they'll just sit there
The outbox also doesn't have a DNA against it, which as suggested would have to be set through EVPM

Another thing is it could just be shortcuts accidentally dragged and dropped
You can have a look at the shortcut properties and look at the archive ID, which would represent the folder
You may be able to copy and paste that in to the vac and see what folder it references, then you can see where it was originally archived, assuming that Moved Items hasn't come along and processed it

Rob.Wilcox's picture

Are you sure it doesn't exist on the Exchange Server?

Scott _Hastings's picture

Alex... if someone wrote e-mails while offine that stayed in the Outbox, is there a scenario where those items could be archived and not sent? Or archived before they got sent?

Rob.Wilcox's picture

A DTrace of an archiving task will show you each folder that is touched.

Pradeep_Papnai's picture

I don't think EV will archive emails from outbox, If I do manual archive then popup comes stating that "The following item (s) could not be archived, Items is not present in the online mailbox, try again later" (I have moved few normal item to outbox).

I need to take dtrace from lab to see if server side archive ignore outbox folder.

There are highly chance that user have moved some shortcut from other folders to outbox. In your case do we see outbox folder in archive folder (As Jesus said, 'moved item' might have updated location in archive as well, let's turn off this for while from mailbox policy for understanding the root cause or source of these shortcut)?

GabeV's picture

I did a test in my lab and manual archiving from the Outbox folder it works, but the IPM Class never change to the IPM EV class. The manual archive dtrace shows that the task is reading the Outbox folder settings:

118    16:19:55.007     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <2484>    EV:L    MAPICommon::GetFixed_PR_FOLDER_PATHNAME() - Reading PR_FOLDER_PATHNAME
119    16:19:55.007     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <2484>    EV:L    MAPICommon::GetFixed_PR_FOLDER_PATHNAME() - Setting output parameter [Outbox]
120    16:19:55.007     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <2484>    EV:L    {CFolderHelper::GetFolderSettings:#471} Getting folder filter/policy for [Outbox]

After a few seconds, I could see the archived item in AE. For the automatic archiving, the task reads the Outbox folder as well:

2243    16:44:26.322     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <4716>    EV:M    {CArchivingAgent::processMessages:#4826} Processing msgs in folder [Outbox]
2244    16:44:26.322     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <4716>    EV:L    {CMbxMonitoringStats::SetStatTime:#258} Updated (cached) [scan] date for [A] [1A285B56038C5D741BA39DC8F9A6612851o10000ev1001].
2245    16:44:26.322     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <4716>    EV:M    :CArchivingAgent::ProcessChunkOfShortcuts() |Entering routine |
2246    16:44:26.322     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <4716>    EV:M    {CArchivingAgent::ProcessShortcutItem:#11351} processing shortcut [Test 4], size [1698] bytes
2247    16:44:26.322     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <4716>    EV:M    {CArchivingAgent::ProcessShortcutItem:#11560} shortcutexpiryperiod 0, deleteexpireditems F, orphanedshortcut F
2248    16:44:26.322     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <4716>    EV:M    {CArchivingAgent::ProcessShortcutItem:#11563} updatemoveditems T, udpateretcat 1, updateretcatuser F
2249    16:44:26.322     [1452]    (ArchiveTask)    <4716>    EV:M    {CArchivingAgent::ProcessShortcutItem:#11904} Using default ExpiryDateBasis: Archived Date

If these EV shortcuts were moved by mistake, it wouldn't be easy to determine if EV archived these items or not. You can have a look at the EV shortcut properties and search for the archive ID, which would represent the folder. That might help you to verify if the shortcut was moved to the Outbox folder.

I hope this helps.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill

EV_Ajay's picture

You can stop the Outbox archiving with the help of EVPM script :

How to prevent the "Outbox" folder from being archived by Enterprise Vault :

Example .ini file:

DirectoryComputername = <evservername>
SiteName = <evsitename>

DistinguishedName = /o=organization/ou=mailboxou/cn=Recipients/cn=<Name>

Name = \Outbox
Filtername = DoNotArchive
OverrideArchiveLocks = true



Rob.Wilcox's picture

In the end though ... what sort of archiving policy is in place, in general, across the mailbox?  Mail shouldn't sit in the outbox for more than the longest holiday period that an employee is likely to take - unless there is an issue with Exchange?

A_J's picture

I think there is a high possiblity that the items have been move from other folder's to Inbox..