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Item Restore from Exchange 2010 GRT backup using Netbackup 7.5

Created: 10 Aug 2012 | 4 comments

Hello All,

After upgrading our Exchage to v.2010 and Netbackup to v.7.5, we have setup Daily Full backups using GRT, in order to be able to quickly restore any lost item.

Expected still annoying downside : daily backups take a loong time to complete, compared to our previous incremental dailies...

I read everywhere, including VERY old posts,  that GRT restores are not supported from incremental backups , but that they might be in future NBU releases.

Question : is it really going to happen some day (if so, any clue when ?), or is it conceptually wrong to imagine being able to restore inidividual items from incremental GRT backup ?

Thx a bunch,


Bonus question : doesn't BackupExec allow doing so, and then why BackupExec and not NBU ?

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Thanks, but it does not. There is nothing about incremental backups in that video.

Kind regards,


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In hurry your question slipped my attention from most IMP point her.

GRT restores from Incrementals are not yet supported

Ref: NBU Exchange Admin Guide

You can restore individual items using GRT from the following types of backups:
■ Full or user-directed backups
Incremental backups are not yet supported.

Off-host snapshot backups
■ Instant recovery backups, when the schedule copies the snapshot to a storage
■ Replica snapshot backups
This type of backup applies to LCR or to CCR environments with Exchange 2007 or a Database Availability Group (DAG) with Exchange 2010.
■ Streaming backups (Exchange 2007 and earlier)

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Incremental backups are not supported for GRT.

I will ask our product management team if and when this will be supported. It may not be included as it simply may not be possible because of the design of how GRT backups work, but I'll try and get an answer for you

Snr Tech Support Engineer
NetBackup Database Team