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Items being deleted from Vault Store no collections enabled or storage expiry .

Created: 06 Dec 2013 • Updated: 31 Jan 2014 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I dont have storage expiry enabled on the vault stores .. Have installed EVNearSync to handle replication from primary storage location to secondary storage location .

Doing a comparison of the primary and secondary location reveal a lot of " Missing File from Source " . . Obviously the files have been successfully replicated to the secondary so tell me files are being deleetd from the vault store .. not sure how when there  is  no collections enabled or storage expiry .

Any comments ??

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we have just an FSA environment and users are NOT allowed to delete items from vault store 

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 question how to I check if these missing items are in the vault store database at all ?

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you probably would have to use EVSVR
But really I think this is a case you will have to open with Quadrotech since it is an issue they will be better equipped to answer since EVNearSync is their product

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You may want to take a quick look at the vault stores journal delete just in case its user deletions and what not, that being said, you're probably best off getting support from Quadrotech, which Rob should be able to help you with 

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Looked in the Journal Delet and seems teh deletion doen by the system ( 3) , just cant figure out why ?

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Hi ya,

As JW3 said, please drop us a note to and we can help identify what is going on.



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Been looking at this with symantec support and seem to have narrowed it down to the storage file watch process generating event ID 7110 ..


we found that Event Id: 7110 is generating due to Verification failed for SIS part when post processing. The transaction is rolling back due to verification failed and as the transaction is rolling back that might be the reason we are able to see those Id transactions in the journal delete table. "

the fix is meant to be in version 10.0.3 but I have version 10.0.4 withc service pack 1 installed sop a bit confused and still need a solution