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Items exported>items to be exported

Created: 12 Jul 2013 • Updated: 19 Jul 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Has anyone seen where in DA it shows items exported as greater than the items to be exported?  In this case items to be exported 24172 and items exported 25002.  I'm assuming that there is some duplication going on here but if anyone has seen this before and discovered the cause (duplication or even just an app error in counting) I would love to hear from you.  (DA 9.0)

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Can you share the specific SP?

I wonder if it is related to this:

Duplicate items appearing in the Review Set and Exports for Compliance Accelerator (CA) and Discovery Accelerator (DA) 9.0 and greater.
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You can refer following article to find out the duplicates :

Identifying the archives that contain duplicates of a specific item.



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We've actually seen this before where the EV, DA and SQL servers were not optimized per our recommendations.  Where we saw it before, the customer did not have the TCP Offload features disabled on the network cards of the EV, DA and SQL servers.  This caused duplicate packets to be received by the export request.

Please check your network card settings on your servers to confirm you've got all Offload features disabled. This includes any Receive Side Scaling featuresas these are also part of the Offload features.  If you find any that are enabled, disable them. Be careful when you disable them, though, as saving the changes causes the NIC to reset itself right away.  If you only have one NIC in the server, you'll loose your remote network connection until the NIC reset completes.  That may cause the need to actually log onto the console of the server to regain access.  Also, if you disable any Offload features on the SQL or DA servers, you should restart the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager Service (EVAMS) on the DA server to ensure we have a proper communications channel open between the DA and SQL servers.

Ken Adams

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- Compliance Accelerator
- Discovery Accelerator
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The steps Mr. Adams speaks of are documented in the following technote starting at step 11. Routine monitoring and maintenance for the Accelerator environment -

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Thank you all for your advice.  Turns out DA and SQL servers needed some TLC.

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Hi Ken,

Thanks for providing good information about the TCP Offload.