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Items stuck in Pending state

Created: 15 Mar 2011 | 3 comments


Running EV 7.5 on Windows 2003.

We have lots of users who are saying that items are appearing in the Pending state in their Outlook mailboxes? I mean, that the original items have the EV 'clock' icon next to them.

What does this mean? On other EV servers, these items are being archived straight away.

Is there a particular queue that maybe too large? Should I delete items the queue if it's too big?

Many thanks! 

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Backup runs nightly..and seems to be succesful. The weird thing is that I have read on Google that this clock icon comes on when an item is to be archived but the archive hasn't been backed up yet. Once the backup completes, then the item is fully 'archived' and the icon reflects that.

On my Outlook, some items I can archive immediately, that is the icon changes to the clock for a few seconds/mins, and then to the archived icon.

Yet, sometimes another icon will hang with this clock icon for days (and it's not much bigger in size).

Any ideas?

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If you use the Archive Bit as trigger for the archived items, then you can check by search the VS Ptns for files that have the A attribute set (if you use NTFS share or volume).

If you have files with the A attribute set and it's not the items archived today, then most likely the backup have missed to backup the files or failed to reset the archive bit. Check the backup in case this is the case.

There are also settings in the policies which let you tell EV to revert the pending items to "original" items if they are pending for more than X days.

Pending is just a message class change so it's still the original until it becomes a shortcut.