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Items in Vault that have been deleted from Outlook

Created: 25 Sep 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi wise EV Admins!

I've just been doing some EV maintenance and have come across something a little concerning.

As admins we run a different Desktop Policy which allows us direct access to our EV Vault. Whilst looking at mine I noticed that there are loads of archived emails in my Vault that I've previously deleted from Outlook. I was under the impression that if an archived item was deleted from Outlook then it would also be removed from the vault? Am I missing a setting somewhere?

I'm now worried that all our user Vaults are full of archived items that have since been removed from Outlook, which wouldn't be too good!

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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Check your Desktop Policies to see if the Delete From Vault is ticked, also Outlook behaviour  Shortcut deletion is set to Shortcut Only (on the Options tab) - Make sure these are configured correctly. Also check your retention categories and ensure that they are configured correctly i.e. such as Prevent deletion of archived items in this category. And also on the properties of your EV Site under the Settings tab, make sure thet option 'Users can delete items from their archives' is configured correctly.

Hope that helps.

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oh..With the options above configured correctly, users will only be deleteing EV shortcuts from their outlook and not deleting archived messages from their archive. Depending on what options you have configured above.

Whilst you are at the EV site settings check the Storage Expiry settings- this setting will automatically delete archived items according to the retention category i.e. anything older than 7 years etc.

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The 1st thing you should check is that you have the correct retention catgoery assinged to the user. Mostly the shortcut expiry Period is pretty less than the period set in retention category. Also most of the admin do not have allow users to delete item from archive and if its allowed user can delete items from his archive ,which might affect if there is any ligitation matters. So far as you have the correct retention category assigned to the User , the older data would be deleted by Storage expiry .

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The experience isn't going to be standard anyway, especially if you have EV in backup mode and the user wants to delete shortcuts, or if they're disconnected from the network etc, or if you have Exchange Mailbox Management go and delete items that are older than X amount of days.... or if the users are on legal hold and they want to delete their shortcuts etc

Most times with EV companies want to retain items for up to 7 years, and its not feasible to have 7 years worth of shortcuts along with it.