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ITMS 7.5 Cloud Enabled Management Setup "Agent Site configuration failed. See log for more details."

Created: 28 Aug 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi All !!

Please help me if anyone sucessfully configured ITSM 7.5 Cloud enabled management setup.

In my secenario I ahve Installed the ITMS 7.5 orion beta version.

I stucked at Agent site configuration setup " It gives error like Agent Site configuration failed. See log for more details"

When I seee the smp log there is

event date="08/27/2012 06:49:33.3408430 +00:00" severity="2" hostName="ITMS75" source="Altiris.NS.StandardItems.Product.CoreSolutionHelper.AddFirewallPortException" module="AeXSVC.exe" process="AeXSvc" pid="1260" thread="28" tickCount="4765939"><![CDATA[Failed to add Firewall exception for CEM Port, attempt #2. Will be retried.]]></event>

Though i have opende up port for CEM 4726 on SMP server .

Please help to resolve the issue.



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Hi Rajesh,

Do you have Windows Firewall enabled on this server? Could you please try disable the Windows Firewall?

I think that you could also post this on because is where we´re working on Orion 7.5 release.


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Hi Luke,

Thanks for the reply, i have already disabled the windows firewall on SMP server.

I ahd also post the error on symatec beta site but didn't get any reply from there.

If such issues arise then whom to contact for the solution. Can i have any contact details for the same.

Thanks in Advance

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rajesh any chance you can point me to beta registration??

Looking forward to test it out.

Daniel Oliveira

Daniel Lopes de Oliveira
Technical Team Leader - Endpoint Management & Mobility

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I also am looking to test the Beta.

I have an account on symbeta, and have Endpoint Management selected in my profile, but have not seen a registration link for SMP 7.5.

Thank you.

Dave Kiff