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ITMS - Patch Management Questions/Confusion - FRUSTRATION!!!!

Created: 11 Sep 2013 | 1 comment

Once a month during Patch Tuesday I go into our system and run a PMI Import.  I do this typically on the Wednesday after Patch Tuesday.  My settings for my PMI Import are as follows.

These items are checked!

-Incremental Import

-Default Location

-Automatically revise Software Update policies after importing patch data

-Enable Distribution of newly added Software Updates

-Disable all superseded Software Updates.

Problem 1 - After my PMI import completes and I go to Bulletins and Details none of the critical or important updates from the prior month show as being downloaded.  In fact many that I know I downloaded are showing as downloaded = "no".  What would cause this?

Problem 2 - After sorting by "Date Released" then using the scroll button on the right hand side to scroll down I loose my sort and I'm left looking at patches from 1999.  I'm hoping this is fixed in 7.5

What would cause the download status of these bulletins and updates to display a download status of "no"?

If a software bulletin has a downloaded status of "no" will the policy become disabled?

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Problem 1 is actually working as designed.  I'll explain the settings and the behavior:

1.  Incremental Import - Instead of overwriting the entire PM catalog it just adds what's new
2.  Default Location is just that
3&4.  See this link:

5.  Disables updates that have been superseded and are already in your policies

Altiris Patch Management is not a product that automatically downloads and deploys all of the Microsoft and other vendor updates.  By default it will check daily for new or revised patch metadata and will import that into the Patch catalog.  From there you have to pick and choose what you're going to download and present to your computers.

1.  Run the PMimport (Metadata Import Task)
2.  Review the newly-added bulletins from the Software Bulletin Details screen
3.  Right-click and "download updates" for those Bulletins you wish to deploy
4.  Select individually or multiple bulletins, right-click and "distribute updates"
5.  You'll now be creating a policy to deploy the updates contained in those bulletins.  Give it a name, select your target groups, disable any unwanted updates, and save and enable it

If you have your Software Update Plug-In policy (or policies) configured, the agents will check in, see the new policy, and then apply those updates at the next scheduled time.