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Java 7 Updates in Patch Management - Patch Remediation

Created: 15 Mar 2013 | 2 comments


I'm kinda new with the Patch management module of SMP.

Are the java 7 patches in SMP incremental?

I have Java 7 Update 0 through 17 available to distribute but do I need to distribute them all? do simply distributing 17 will be okay? If I have to distribute them all, it creates policies for each of the 17 patches?

I don't have to worry about which PCs need it do I? SMP takes care of that automatically?


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Hi JJ83,

JAVA updates are not incremental, so it is not required to create SWU policies for each JAVA update.
In order to check what version of JAVA is missing, please check patch compliance reports(Reports > All Reports > Software > Patch Management > Compliance). These reports show information about available updates that are applicable to managed machines. Superseded updates are not shown in these reports so you will not see outdated updates.

Distributed updates will be applied to client only if updates are detected as missing on targeted machine.


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Warning to you though... I noticed if java patch was kicked off while a website was open that used java, patch management would just uninstall java. You will want to package your own version and setup a managed software delivery policy to catch these.