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JAVA consoles does not show DAG as directives

Created: 14 Feb 2013 • Updated: 14 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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Hello friends

recently we brought appliance and are performing backup/restores in UAT before we put it in prod.

Exchange DAG backup configuration is different with JAVA console (we don't use it till we got appliance)

JAVA console does not show way to browse DBs and select them. Neither it shows DAG as directives to select

It's bit time consuming to copy paste path name from BAR gui from cleint end.

following TN seems to help me. but i think i'm not able to interprete it correctly or missing minor thinsg

appliance doesn't even have df-h command

it's simple syntax in main menu

where to get /usr/openv/ ...

does this TN applies to appliance also ???

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Hi rahul
TN is applicable for NBU, Appliance is just replacement of your Traditional H/W
NBU is hardcoded or say bundled with custom SLES underneath.
For ease operation and to prevent misuse there are few steps which needs to be taken care of.
Login with admin on appliance (SSH)
Navigate to 
Main > Support > Maintenance
Now you should be able to get root access of Appliance
Execute pltemplate with ms_exchange
Verify templates are registered from following path
You should now be able to see MS-Exchange directives listed
You can also create privileged accounts who can perform few operations on appliance
Main > Manage > NetBackup CLI > Create
Let us know if this helps