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java printing

Created: 17 Jul 2013 • Updated: 18 Jul 2013 | 4 comments
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hi all,

please advise on this, regards on policies on java printing exemption?

i will appreciate your advise, thank you.


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There is unfortunately no way to create an exception of printing based on if it comes from a Java engine.

The way the printing detection works, is the DLP agent inspects the data of the print job when it goes to the Windows OS print engine. So it is inherent and does not care where it comes from, just the content.

So there is not way to decipher if the print job comes from a browser, Jave Engine, Word Document, or other application..its done at the OS level.

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thanks for advise,

do you have the document that also tells about on this issue.?

thank you

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Here is information from the Admin guide..

As an FYI, I am a former employee of Vontu/Symantec so I know exactly how this works.

About print/fax monitoring
Endpoint Prevent lets you monitor and prevent sensitive information from being
either printed or faxed to a recipient. In Microsoft Windows, the mechanism for
printing and faxing information is identical, therefore, the Endpoint Prevent
mechanism is also identical.
Files are sent to the printer or the fax machine in pages and each page is then
printed or faxed. Endpoint Prevent analyzes each page as it is sent to the printer
or the fax machine. This means that some initial pages of the file may be printed
or faxed if a violation is found in the middle of the file. For example, a user sends
a 10-page document to a printer. The file is sent, page by page, to the printer.
Endpoint Prevent finds a violation on page three and stops the file from being
printed at that point. Pages one and two have already printed. Pages three through
ten are not printed. Endpoint Prevent sends an incident to the Endpoint Server
containing file information and the matching text.
Note: The text in the cover page of a fax is not monitored.
The incident snapshot contains information regarding which endpoint computer
sent the violating file, the violating file, and the printer name and the printer
type. The printer type is either a locally connected printer, a shared printer, a
network printer, or if the Print to file option has been selected

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hi Ronak,

thank you.