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Java problems with Symantec Web Gateway

Created: 09 Apr 2012 | 3 comments

Hey Symantec community,

Our company has been experiencing a problem with java applets in a specific domain ( which is a trustworthy location for lawyers to send information to a governamental website.

The issue is whenever the users access to that domain, and start loading java, they get stuck with a non-progressing loading bar of the java itself, and it just stays like that forever.

One "workaround" we applied would be cleaning java and IE temporary files and java would load, very slowly at first but then it would finish. Thing is in some cases, not sure if all, the second time sending information and loading the java applet again, it would get the same problem.

Funny thing about this is in other java apps / domains it works fine. I suspect it's an authentication issue with java.

We had this issue with our old web filtering before (Forefront ISA/TMG) and we opened alot of exceptions in order to fix it.

I already added that domain to the whitelist/exceptions in Symantec Web Gateway and the problem still persists.

Let me know if you guys need more information for the troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance,

Whitestar IT.

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What mode is the SWG being used in?

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If nonstandard ports are used by the java it may/can cause connectivity issues. Otherwise it may be a good idea to set an execption for the browser to not proxy that site/domain/url.