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jnbSA always goes to Backup/Restore Window

Created: 10 Apr 2013 • Updated: 22 May 2013 | 6 comments
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On one of our NetBackup masters, when I run jnbSA it always goes to Backup/Restore window and not to the Admin Console.

I checked auth.conf and my username is registered. I also tried opening another window and it shows the same window. Please help.

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Marianne's picture

Double-check auth.conf again.

What exactly does the line with your user name contain?

Also check type of spaces used between entries in the line - I cannot remember if it should be spaces or tabs, just had the experience once at a customer where entries were ignored after new users were manually added.
When we did the following from with vi:
:set list
we could see where tabs (^I) were used and where spaces were used. 
User entries should match the root entry (including tabs/spaces)

Always best to copy and paste the line for root and just replace with user name using cw.

Hope this helps.

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Dan@NB's picture

gbrl, If you could post the content of auth.conf under /usr/openv/java, it will be good to analyze.

Yes, as Marianne posted space and tab does bring difference.

+ Dan

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Does your auth.conf entry looks like requires space than the tab.


gbrl's picture

bash-3.2# cat auth.conf
hs95260 ADMIN=ALL
ep55012 ADMIN=ALL
av09915 ADMIN=ALL
gt61166 ADMIN=ALL

Here it is should I put JBP all on gt61166?

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OK got it.

There was a ^I in the line when i did set list in vi.

It works now thanks a lot.

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Please move down the line starting with asterisk(*) to the bottom. All user is matched in this line, and following lines are ignored.

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