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Job with CCS Linux Red Hat checks utilized the CPU of a checked servers up 100% for long period of time

Created: 11 Jul 2013 | 1 comment
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Hello ALL,
We are trying to run a set of CCS predefined checks on 4 Linux VM's
  • All these VM's are running on the same ESX Server.
  • The predefined checks are CCS Linux Red Hat checks from CCS Standarts.
  • During the JOB  ( Collection-Evaluation-Reporting ) CPU of all these servers is on TOP ( 100% CPU Utilization)
We want to check 100 Linux servers in the near future.. But It seems  like it will  be a reason for a high CPU usage.
Any suggestions about how to solve this issue? Best Practices ?
Our CCS 11 server is ALL-IN-ONE server with the last patch.
VM's have been added to CCS as Linux asset.
Thank you!
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Some of the checks in the pre-defined standards are enumerating the entire file system to find things like World-writeable or SUID files. Sometimes this can cause some high CPU utilization on the target since at least from an agentless perspective we are using the find command against the entire file system.   You may want to make a copy of the pre-defined standard and then modify or remove these checks to see if that helps out with the impact on the target machines.