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Created: 23 Aug 2013 | 3 comments

I am just starting to google this some.   Would kind of like it if this error would explain this a little better like what file and why it is failed and not done with exceptions ??   This job was running for a couple hours then giving this error ..  We did a live update and found that SP2 for Backup Exec. 2012 was available .. So we applied that yesterday and ran it again .. It is a big job and ran from noon yesterday to almost 9 am this morning.  And was over 1tb then failed again with this same error ???   Any one know a quick log to check to see if I can fix this ?

I have looked at WIndows logs as per a Google article and found it telling me about a couple files that it did not like in a temp folder that were shortcuts that went no where.   I have deleted them.   But would like to be a little more sure I have fixed it.   I'm not to convinced these were the ones as they failed during the backup according to the windows logs yesterday afternoon around 6:30pm.

So anyway I can get better information about this error??



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I had not seen that one.  

Clicking on the link did nothing but cut and pasted it to google and found a couple articles.   Most looke like they are for older versions of BE ?   This is 2012 and these are VM's so when I go to the advanced tab the junction and symbolic link check boxes are not there unless they are some where else ?

Thanks for the quick reply.


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The link didnt get added correctly here it is   It is applicable to a few versions of Backup Exec inluding 2012  

also referring to your screen shot:  change your setting to use the System - Use Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider  and uncheck the box for enable checkpoint restart