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Job-Log Summary: What is the difference between Byte and scanned Bytes?

Created: 15 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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when I look into the job history (in that case a Backup of VM's via VMware Agent into a Dedup-Device) I found two entries:

Byte:  321.147.088.814 Byte


Number of scanned Byte: 297.140.302.848 Byte

Why are these two values different and what is meant which each value?

Used Version: Backup Exec 2012 SP1, actual patch-level

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Colin,

thanks for your answer. But the TECH-article explains the values for a BE 2010 Environment.

In a Dedup Backup-Job in BE 2012 you have three values (I  forgott one value in my original Post:

A) Byte: 321.147.088.814 Byte

B) Number of scanned Byte: 297.140.302.848 Byte

C) Number of saved Byte   : 37.559.198.720 Byte
D) Dedup-Ratio : 7,9:1

D is calculated by B/C.

It seems that B is the number of Bytes reported by the OS (resp. VMware),

but A is not the total size of the harddisks sizes for the VMs (I my case, this is 510 GB)

Another interesting point:

The values above are values from a Full-Backup. If I do a inkrementell backup, these values (of course) are much more smaller, but the B-values is bigger than the A-value.

So, I think, we need some more informations on how the deduplication process works.