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Job Rate Slow + End Marker error

Created: 25 Sep 2011 • Updated: 29 Sep 2011 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi Guys,

Im currently using Backup Exec 12.5 sp4 in Windows Server 2003 sp2.

Tape Library is HP Storageworks G2 1/8 AutoLoader.

The server is running backup everyday even weekends since day 1.

Currently, I have been having the below mentioned error only over the weekends for some time and seeing that the weekdays did not give me problems, I thought at first it might just be that the tape have reach the end of its cycle.

Final error: 0xe00084ec - A tape read/write error has occurred.  This is usually caused by dirty read/write heads in the tape drive.  Clean the tape drive, and then try the job again.  If the problem persists, try a different tape.  You may also need to check for problems with cables, termination, or other hardware issues.
Final error category: Backup Media Errors
Now for the past week, this error appeared everyday and sometimes my tape library in backup exec will just go offline by itself. I have tried cleaning the drive acouple of times. But everytime it failed even if its me canceling the job, the clean drive indicator on the tape library will light up, when I have just clean it before the job is run and it only ran for a few minutes.
Reason I cancel sometimes is that the job rate was very slow even with a new tape dump in. It will start at 400MB/min and slowly decrease till less then 10MB/min.
Im sort of out of ideas what to do besides asking my boss to change the tape library as it has been 5 yrs old. Suspect it might be the write head (If it is the same as printers) is giving me this problem.
Cleaning it dows not seem to help either. I did find a 2010 version of Backup exec lying around, but will upgrading to this version help to solve the problem?
Any advice what else I should do?

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AmolB's picture

Well if the tape drive's cleaning light is blinking continiously then there is something wrong with the 

hardware itself. Upgrading BE will not help much but its always good to use latest version.

I would suggest you to check event viewer to find error messages related to the tape device.

Event ID's 7.9,11,13 and 15 are few events which are generated if there is any issue withe the 

hardware. Also install latest symantec tape device drivers and run HP's diagnostic tool to find 

more info about the faulty device.

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If your tape drive asked to be cleaned despite being recently cleaned, then it is faulty and should be replaced.  This is true even when it passes the HP LT&T test.  When you run the LT&T utility, make sure that you select the write test and stopped all the BE services beforehand.

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Yup did that...

Only after so long that my supervisor told me he remembered that we are still on maintenace contract with HP :(

Called Hp and replace one and working fine now.

Thanks for the help