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Job reporting errors in Activity Monitor for 2 days

Created: 02 Oct 2012 | 6 comments

Job failed with a status of 48 yesterday.  It has been reporting this ever since.  Every few minutes, I get new entries in the Activity Monitor with the following information:


10/2/2012 11:32:42 AM - Error bprd(pid=5760) Unable to write progress log </C/ProgramÀ Files/Veritas/NetBackup/Logs/user_ops/dbext/logs/13064.0.1349191955> on client UAT-SQL-09. Policy=UAT-SQL-01A_FULL Sched=NONE  
10/2/2012 11:32:42 AM - Error bprd(pid=5760) CLIENT UAT-SQL-09  POLICY UAT-SQL-01A_FULL  SCHED NONE  EXIT STATUS 48 (client hostname could not be found)

Client is Windows 2008 r2 running SQL Server 2008.  Clustered servers.

Everyone has full control to the final folder, but there is an error about permissions being incorrectly ordered so not sure if that's the problem or what.

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Marianne's picture

STATUS 48 = client hostname could not be found.

Try to ping UAT-SQL-09 from the master. My guess is that ping will fail.
Double-check DNS and/or hosts entries - whatever is used for name lookup.

Is UAT-SQL-09 the physical nodename or the virtual name for the SQL cluster?

Clustered data should always be backed up using virtual hostname so that active node will always be used for backup.

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HankHill's picture

UAT-SQL-09 is a virtual host name and pings just fine. 


I assume it has to do with the ProgramÀ in the path, but no idea why it's happening.

Nathan Kippen's picture

So you did ping from master server?


Can you do bptestbpcd -client UAT-SQL-09 from master?

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HankHill's picture

Yes ping from master.

bptestbpcd results.

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bptestbpcd -client UAT-SQL-09
1 1 1 -> -> ->

This is still throwing the same message into the Activity Monitor every few minutes.  And this is not the normal 48 error message that I'm used to seeing when something goes wrong.

Marianne's picture

bprd on master server is reporting the errors. We need this log to troubleshoot.

If log folder does not exist, please create the directory and restart NBU.

Post log file as attachment after next error.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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HankHill's picture

This randomly stopped happening overnight.  No idea what happened.