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The job was canceled automatically

Created: 10 Jun 2013 | 3 comments
Job ended: Monday, June 10, 2013 at 3:50:28 PM
Completed status: Canceled
The job was canceled because the response to a media request alert was Cancel, or because the alert was configured to automatically respond with Cancel, or because the Backup Exec Job Engine service was stopped.

This error also appeared when Symantec Support already set alert to a media request to response automatically with Yes.
I've also checked for the service and it runned normally.

I backed up successfully to Deduplication Storage and failed when tried to duplicate to Media Tape.

Anyone can tell my the solutions?
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Manually erase the tape (either through BE itself, or through your tape drive manufacturer's utility). Once done, try run the duplicate job again.

If it gives you the same error, it's time to check the hardware...make sure there are no excessive Hard Write Errors on that tape (too many and it is a faulty tape, so try another!); also get hold of your drive manufacturer's utility (eg. HP has HP Library and Tape Tools - HP LTT) which you can run a range of diagnostics against the drive to rule out physical issues. You need to stop the BE services first before doing this.


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I have the same Problem, but only with one job. All other Jobs will be correctly duplicate to tape (the same).

Have anybody an idea.


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...the TN this error points to is going to advise that you erase the tape manually...otherwise try recreating the duplicate-to-tape.


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