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Jobs error when running as specific users

Created: 05 Apr 2011 | 5 comments

We're currently testing Notification Server 7.1. When trying to push jobs or tasks to clients we've run into an issue only when choosing a username/password for the task/job to run us. So far in testing any job created that runs as the currently logged in user works fine. When changing a script to run as a specific domain user (even if it's the same user that is currently logged into the machine) we get the following error 1073741502. When running a software install task as a specific domain user we get the error 2147024894. I've tried domain\username and user@domain. I've also tried multiple domain accounts on multiple computers with the same results. Has anyone run into this issue?

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or rather, if you run with the agent credentials?

Thomas Baird
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It looks like running a script that installs a piece of software will work with the agent, however if I run the package delivery task to install the same piece of software I still get the same error as before. 2147024894

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In Windows 7? if yes, disable uac and try again

Reto Zürrer | FYRE Consulting |

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I have this same problem with 7.0.8800! Once my agents updated all my tasks stopped working that ran with a specific user account. System creds and current logged on user options work though.

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Hi Thomas, this a big problem also for our customers.

  • Windows 7 with UAC, not able to run any script using a defined user login, works using
    Symantec Management Agent credentials
    or currently logged in user
  • It works if deactivating the UAC: This workaround is not acceptable.

Does any body already open a Symantec Mysupport Case this issue, and get any "ID" to follow this case ?

If not, we will create one, and publish in there !

I do not find any KB this problem.

Can you publish an internal Symantec following tag if any?

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