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Jobs not showing (Hidden)

Created: 02 Oct 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have set a 'Duplicate' job and it is running but I cannot see any mention of this now what the progress is. 

There is also a mystery job that runs every day dispite there being no jobs set to run at all.

Any ideas?

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The so called mystery job runs to backup which server?

Do you see that server in the Backup and Restore tab under the list of servers?

Expand that server (double-click) and check to see the job list for that server. Is that job present?

If that job is not present, it might be present in one of the existing job configurations.

Right-click on each job config listed when you expand the server name one-by-one and 

Select Edit Backup

Check and confirm (on right under Backups) if any jobs are scheduled to run at the time when the "mystery job" runs daily.

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I can see the server, and I can see the one job I have setup.

However, it runs a job that doesn't exist any more as I have deleted it.

With the duplication to tape, I right clicked a sucsesful job and click duplicate, it shows as active but I cannot check the status. 



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This job was only visable throiugh the 'tape drive' but did not show in the "View All Jobs" menu.