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Job's queued behind another job but they shouldn't be

Created: 28 Jan 2013

I have mulitple policies setup to backup up different servers. But I have run into a problem recently where one job is waiting for media and holds up all other jobs from all the other policies till it gets its media.

Currently each job is setup as follows:
Policy1: Full>B2D then D2T to Tape pool 1 (2 drives)
Policy2: Incremental>B2D then D2T to Tape pool 2 (2 other drives)
Policy3: Full2>B2D then D2T to tape pool 2
Policy4: Full3>B2D then D2T to tape pool 2

The policies create 2 jobs each. 1 for the B2D and one for the D2T. Normally with overwritable media available policy 2-4 play together just fine and 2 will duplicate while one waits for a drive to become available. But if any of the policies get stuck on the D2T portion waiting for media then the other D2D and D2T jobs will not run and will just sit in queue waiting for that one job to finish.

I don't understand why this behavior occurs any insights would be helpful.