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Journal on exchange 2010 - where to open the Journal MBX?

Created: 14 Jul 2014 • Updated: 14 Jul 2014 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

This is a weird question, but I'll go ahead anyway...

I need to configure Journal archiving to 20 different users.

At the moment, those 20 users are on separate DB's with other mailboxes.

Since Journal in Exchange working based on DB, I understand I will have to open a new DB, enable journling on the new DB, and move the mailboxes I want to journal to this DB.

We also need to create a Journal user with mailbox to be the recipient of all the journal messages.

BUT - and this is the real question... can I open the Journal MBX on the same DB where all the mailboxes I want to journal from are located?
Once I define that specific user as the journal recipient - does the exchange know not to duplicate the messages that arrive to the Journal MBX?

That sounds weird, but in my logical thinking - if the Journal MBX is on a journal DB - all the items that will deliver to this mailbox will be in an infinite loop.

hope I explained myself, I'm sure the answer is simple, but unfortunately Microsoft not really giving much information, as journaling in not so popular lately...



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Hi Sarah,

You are absolutely right this is 100% microsoft..they are pretty helpful but again depends who you ask. So let me try from an EV angle

Standard journalling is at DB level and akk you need to do is enable it and specify a mailbox. You are right that it does NOT make sense to use a mailbox which sits on the same DB where your are turning on journalling, though it is smart enough to NOT go in a loop but the size/ growth and perf of that db will take a hit. So best practice is to create another DB preferably on another exch server if you have more which is less heavily. utilised and size the DB and disk to allow for say 2 weeks email in case you have an issue with EV not being able to archive from that. Journal mbx - Mails will start to backlog in there.

Since its only 20 users this should be small but if more users are going to get moved in ...plan for the future. So essentially you are planning for 2 DBs. The normal exch db csn have quota's so you know it will max out at some point and if you have exch mbx archiving then that size can be managed. However we dont normally put quotas on.the jounal mbx or Db but the mail in there will almost always be 0 or close to empty unless Journal task is stopped on the EVserver

Check microsoft technet for Exchange journalling sizing and planning

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Thanks Merv,

My main worry was where to put the Journal MBX, since it made no sense in my head to place it on same DB as the rest of the mailboxes that will be journaled.

Now it makes more sense.

Already read all the tech notes, and know about the sizing and quota to disable on that MBX. But the tech notes only explains how to create the user, nothing regarding the DB it should be placed in.

Thanks again!