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Journal task failed if journal mailbox is hidden

Created: 04 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
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MS says Journal mailbox must be hidden from GAL

In our era, EV fails to archive if mailbox is found to be hidden

Anyone faced this issue

EV 9

Exchange 2k3 and 2k7

Operating Systems:

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What errors do you see?

Is your system mailbox hidden?  That can't be hidden in the GAL.

See Karl's post here:

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Hi tony

System mailbox is not hidden, but if we follow MS practises to hide Journal mailbox, journal task fails

This made me surprised to see EV failed to archive from hidden mailboxes which is best practises surprise

Event Type:        Error

Event Source:    Enterprise Vault

Event Category:                Journal Task

Event ID:              3305

Date:                     x/x/2013

Time:                    x:xx:xx PM

User:                     N/A

The Task 'Exchange Journaling Task for ABC4567' failed to log on to Exchange server 'ABC4567' using mailbox ''. Please ensure the mailbox has not been hidden, that the server is running and that the Vault account has sufficient permissions on the server. 

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Is your journal mailbox and system mailbox for the journalling task different?

What version of outlook do you have on the Ev server? 

Hiding the journal mailboxes works fineas long as it isn't hidden when setting up targets, policies and tasks. Once up and running hidding the journal mailboxesshould work fine.

In your case does hidding the journal mailbox causes the journal task to fail ? and if the journal mailbox is not hidden does the task work fine ?


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I believe the bheavior is default.

You task 'Exchange Journaling Task for ABC4567' has system mailbox '' which i think apparently is your Journal mailbox.

If my assumptions are right then i would recommend you to perform following

a. Create a normal mailbox and name it as "EV System Mailbox"

b. Assign this mailbox to your Journal Task and restart the Task.

Once you performed this then you will see your task will be running up and fine.

Also follow what Rahul refer



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@captain jack.. did the posts answer your question, or is it still unresolved?