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JournalArchive table doing a count on where backupcomplete = 0

Created: 11 Feb 2014 | 5 comments

color:#333333">When the item is set to after backup, it is watched in two locations in the Vault Store Database.

color:#333333">One in the JournalArchive table with a BackupComplete flag set to 1, and one in a table called Watchfile, which contains a full path to the Archived item.

Every item listed in the watchfile table will be scanned upon Storage Service start or every 12 hours.

The StorageFileWatch process will go through each item listed in the WatchFile table and determine whether the item has been backed up or not. It determines this by looking at whether the archive bit exists on the file or not. If the archive bit has been removed, then Enterprise Vault removes that particular entry from the watchfile table, and then in the journalArchive table, it changes the “BackupComplete” column from a 0 to a 1

Every morning (Depending on your monitoring settings) you will get an event notifying you how many items are still awaiting backup,  and that is driven from the JournalArchive table doing a count on where backupcomplete = 0

However I have a senario where JournalArchive table doing a count on where backupcomplete = 0 has about 1000 entries amd the watchFile table is  empty ....  We use EVNearSync for our backup solution to replicate  from primary to secondary storage and all folders seems to be in sync ??

We have an EV 10.04 environment 

Not sure wht to do here ? or how this happned ?

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Did this just start happening?

Out of curiosity what is IndexCommited for those items?  Is it 0 or 1?

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it could be that it relies on a DVSSP in another vault store partition waiting to be backed up also.

So for instance if I am in EVVaultStore1 and i archive an item with say a 1MB attachment

it gets stored in the usual vault store type places like

Then another user on EVVaultStore1 archives an email that contains the same PDF, and then it links to the file on \\evserver1\vaultstores\

even if everything on EVServer2 has been backed up correctly, that user who archived the item  that links to the PDF, will remain as BackupComplete = 0 UNTIL the "myAttachmentfile.dvssp" has been backed up on EVServer1

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Hello Adam,

Following JW3 idea, you can go to the properties of the VS Partitions > Backup tab and click on the Details button at the bottom. You wil get a report about items unsecured SIS parts in local and other partitions.

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