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Journaling and I/O load

Created: 31 Oct 2012 • Updated: 01 Nov 2012 | 6 comments

Hi there,

Thanks for you help in advance.

We are thinking turn on Archiving for Journaling, but I am a bit worried about the I/O load. Our current Netapp SAN is high on IOPS already, and I don't want stress it out and cause performance issues for other system.

So my question is how much more load it will put on the system if we turn on Archiving for Journaling?

We use EV 9.0.1 with Exchange 2003 on Windows 2008 server, Netapp version is 8. Assume we archive everything in Journaling mailbox.



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what are you storing on the netapp? (vault stores, indexes, SQL, any other EV components?)

are you going to be journaling for ediscovery purposes?

journaling will have a much different impact than mailbox archiving and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. any more details about your environment would be helpful too.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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We have File Archiving System implemented as well. We store everything on the same Netapp SAN, vault store, indexes are stored as CIFs share. SQL databases are iSCSI LUNs. 

Yes, we need ournaling for ediscovery purposes. 

In what way the journaling have a different impact then mailbox archiving?

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Hi Ying,

It's a difficult question to answer as performance will differ with different environment. I suspect that it will put a load more I/O on your current NetApp SAN as it will be contantly writing to storage being journal archiving. My advice will be to have a dedicated NetApp SAN for Enterprise Vault for Journal archiving, Mailbox archiving and FSA if and when possible, this will affect storage budget. You'll probably need to perform stress testing on your current NetApp SAN to answer your own question, having said that it will be difficult to do stress testing on a production SAN. 

Your best bet is probably looking at the performance guide:

Perhaps, asking your NetApp support guys to see if they have had this asked with them before together with Vault.

Hope that helps


Chau Tran


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Hi Chau,

That's a very good idea. I can setup a new EV server just for Journaling and put vault store and indexes onto a dedicated SAN. It will reduce some I/O load on current SAN but I guess won't be zero as it still needs talk to current Exchange which seats on current SAN. But it will definatelly better then put everything on the same SAN and slow down other system. 



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Can you provide a few additional details?

- How many email/day is going to get archived?

- Are your indexes going to be stored on the same filer as well?

- When you say, high IOPS, what does that mean in numbers and what is the model of your filer?

My performance tracking website is currently down, but once it is up, I can lookup my numbers and provide some guidance.

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-At the moment, vault store increases just under 3G each day. 

- yes, indexes will be stored on the same filer

- i will need get storage team to give me the actal numbers of IOPS. Model is FAS3140

What do you use for you performance tracking? Is it for your Netapp SAN or for your EV?