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Journaling and mailbox archiving - one message or two?

Created: 25 Oct 2010 • Updated: 26 Oct 2010 | 6 comments
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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I need to verify that EV will behave the way I need it to in our environment.

Here's the scenario: Policy says we need to archive every message, all day every day, so I assume we want to enable journalling in Exchange and have EV run a journal archive task. Our other main goal for EV is to reduce the size of our Exchange stores, so I need to archive all user mailboxes as well, but with less urgency than archiving everything every day. So my question is this: When EV archives the Journal mailbox, and then later archives the user mailbox, is there just one instance of the message, and when I search for an email, do I get more than one hit (one for the Journal, one for the mailbox?). Just trying to understand the relationship between archived Journal messages and mailbox messages once they are both in the store.



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If the mailbox archives and the journal archives reside in vault store groups that have sharing enabled, then the attachments will be SIS'd

So lets say you have the following

Your Vault Store Group
- Journal Vault Store
- Journal Mbx1
- Journal Mbx2
- Mailbox Vault Store
- User1 (journaled by mbx1)
- User2 (journaled by mbx1)
- User3 (journaled by mbx2)
- User4 (journaled by mbx3)

User1 sends User2, User3 and User4 an email with a MyDoc.DocX file and it has a 1MB attachment

In the both journal mailboxes, you will see the email with the 1MB attachment, journal mbx1 processes it first then 30 days later per policy User1, User2, User3 and User4 archive the item.

What you would have the following

4 x *.dvs in the users vault store (1 for each user)
2 x *.dvs in the journal vault store (1 for each journal)
1 x *.dvssp in the journal vault store (its the doc file thats been SIS'd)
1 x *.dvscc in the journal vault store (the contents of the file that will be add to indexed and displayed in previews of search/ae etc)

Although each user received the same email, they would actually be different enough to be stored individually, because each will have different properties (received time etc).

However each user got the exact same Doc file, so when they hit store in archive then EV would go out, and see that the item has already been journaled and the DocX has been shared.

So if you actually lost that *.dvssp from that journal vault store, now User1 User2 User3 and User4 would not be able to retrieve it.

However that is on a file store level (i.e. your storage crashed and you can't get it from back up) but if say User1, User2 and User3 delete their items, the *.dvssp would still remain because it knows that Journal mbx1 and mbx2 and user4 still have references to it

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Thanks for the detailed info.

So if we use your example, a search for the subject line (assuming it's unique) would then return how many instances of the "same" message, four?

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well lets say you give yourself or the evadmin access to all the journal mailboxes and all the user mailboxes, and they'd all archived the same item, if you run a search for it you would get back 6 results (1 for each journal and user (2xJournal, 4xUser)

If you then opened each item it would be calling each of the six DVS files (These are the actual emails minus shared attachments) and the save *.DVSSP would be called six times (since its the same attachment for all 6 emails)

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OK, sounds like I just need to limit my search scope to avoid the "dups".

Thanks again.

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Yup, its just one of those things with any product including exchange that you'll get
however in DA9 theres a nice stacking feature that will let you know when dupes exist, and rather than showing you page upon page of the same email, it will just display one email with an icon