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Journaling Mailbox Migration - Exchange 2007 and 2010

Created: 02 Jan 2013 • Updated: 08 Jan 2013 | 12 comments
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I am in the process of exchange 07 to 10 migration. All users and service mailboxes has been moved. I am wondering about journaling mailbox. What is the best approch to migrate journaling mailbox to exchange 2010. I am running EV 9.0.4

Thank you.

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Did you configure your Exchange 2010 mailbox stores to journal ?  To an Exchange 2010 mailbox, or to the 2007 mailbox(es) ?

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how are you journaling the users on the 2010 servers? per database? you need to configure them to be journaled. you can move the mailbox from 07 to 10 and use it as the target. make sure that the Exchange 2010 server where you put the journal mailbox has been added in EV and follow the regular steps for creating a new journal archiving task.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Sorry, this is a learning curve. I am not familiar with journaling setup at all. So far what I did was: setup a new exchange 2010 server and moved all user mailboxes to exchange 2010. I did not touch the journaling mailbox. It is on exchange 2007. Can I just simply tranfer the journaling mailbox to 2010? I did some search and found it is best to create a new journaling mailbox on the new (2010) server and do other things which I am not sure how?

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I hope you're not specifically journaling for compliance reasons, because if you moved all the mailboxes to Exchange 2010, and didn't configure Exchange journaling... then you won't be journaling the mails.

My suggestion would be to sort out the journaling on the Exchange side of things first, create a new journal mailbox.  Then add that new journal mailbox as a target in Enterprise Vault.

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Ok. How can I add journal mailbox as a target in EV? I am thinking of creating a journaling mailbox on exchange 2010 and add to EV first. Once done I can create a rule to send all journal reports to e-mail address (new e-mail box I created on exchange 2010). I am sure the journaling mailbox will full up really quickly.

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When I logon to 2007 journaling mailbox on ev server, the messages are still coming and getting archieved. I just created a new journaling mailbox on 2010 server.

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you might still have internet email routed through 2007 but if two users on 2010 send emails to each other it will never hit 2007.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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The order of events that I normally follow are

* create a mailbox + user called (something like) Ex2K10-Journal

* In the EV VAC expand targets... etc... and add a journal mailbox target under the Exchange 2010 server.

* In Exchange configure the information stores to journal

The target can be added to an existing or new EV task.

So as it's added as a target and onto a task EV will then poll the mailbox.  So, that means as soon as you switch on journaling on Exchange 2010 you'll get those mails archived.

To be honest though if you're not the 'Messaging Guy' it's better to get him or her to talk you through the configuration.

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I sent an e-mail message to a user whos mailbox is on exchange 2010 from my outlook(my mailbox is also on exchange 2010) and got e-mail in journaling mailbox which is on 2007. Not sure if this is odd? I have SMTP and webmail traffic is routed through 2010 server. Nothing at this point route through 2007?

Rob.Wilcox's picture

If both of your mailboxes are on Exchange 2010, then that means that the Exchange journaling has been configured.  It is sending the messages to a mailbox.  That mailbox sits on Exchange 2007.

There isn't anything particularly odd about that.

Just verify on the Exchange side of things that journaling *is* configured that way.  It's okay to do it that way.. Exchange doesn't care *where* that journal mailbox lives, it just sends on a copy of the mail.

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I was reading journaling guide and came across this. Please refer to attached file. Does it means only one copy of mail message will save to storage? I know currently 2 copies of mail message is stored(one from the user mailbox and one to journaling).

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It depends.

What is the sharing level for the Vault Store(s) which contain your user archives and journal archives?

If they're in the same vault store, and no sharing = 2 copies

If they're in different vault stores in the same vault store group and sharing is vault store = 2 copies

If they're in different vault store groups = 2 copies

.. as examples.