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jTDS Authentication

Created: 19 Feb 2013 | 4 comments


I am getting authentication email alerts from my SEPM. After some investigation, I was informed that the app jTDS from the SEPM is trying to authenticate and failing for whatever reason. All other connections from the SEPM to the db are fine.

What is jTDS and how would I fix the authentication issue for just that one piece when authentication is fine everywhere else?


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I believe jTDS driver allows for connection to SQL or sybase DB.

What backend are you using?

Did something change recently on the DB end?

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Using SQL DB. I was informed that nothing changed on the DB backend. Would running the configuration wizard and try to re-connect and re-authenticate to the DB worth a try?

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You can try to repair SEPM running the configuration wizard or try to repair through add/remove programs.

If possible repair SQL db as well.

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You can give it a try. if it sends out the same email, post the screen shot of the email alert you get.