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Just a basic question/problem

Created: 10 Jan 2014 | 5 comments

I have everything successfully installed (finally) and can see and discover all my machines.  However, when I try to push the client out to them for management, it fails. 

Are there specific settings that need to be changed or ports that the install goes through?

I am on a Win 2008 r2 server hard wired directly through a switch to my machines (lab environment) which are all win7. 

Any help is appreciated.


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Under what account are you trying to push out the Symantec Mgmt Agent install package to your clients?

If you're leaving it the default, the application identity account, then does that account have sufficient privileges to install software on the clients?

If not, you can specify a different account to install the Agent. Under "Rollout Agents to Computers" section, you'll see a "Settings" button. Click that and near the bottom of the window that opens you'll see where you can provide alternate credentials.

IMHO, resolving the app identity account priv's would be your best bet, that way you can use "Scheduled Push to Computers."

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Tried that and still have the same problem.  The error is:

"Failed to copy Symantec Management Install service"

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Can you map to an admin share of a client machine using your app identity account or alternate account ("tried that" doesn't tell me exactly what you've tried)? I.e., \\<client_computer_name>\c$.

Do you have any local firewall/IDS products installed on your clients?

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Is there a log file starting aex... in c:\windows or system32?

Are there openings in the firewall?

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Did you disable the firewall on all Windows 7 clients? Can you successfully ping client computers from NS?

You have to disable firewall on client computers first, then DS server can talk to the clients.