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Just installed Backup Exec SBS suite 12D

Created: 19 Mar 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 7 comments
On a new SBS 2003 R2 server all service packs and patches installed.  Haven't even configured a job yet and the BE Remote Agent for Windows Systems hangs and stops and thus the Job Engine stops, etc.  Any suggestions?

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RahulM's picture
What are the events being logged in the windows Event Viewer?
BayBusinessTaurangaNZ's picture
I have the same problem on a number of servers.
Mine are mostly version 11d and I was hopeing version 12 was more stable but perhaps not.
A number of possible causes.
Do you have any Symantec AV installed..if so try removing the AV client on the server. This fixed one of my SBS servers but it was a bit of a stab in the dark.
Any unusual errors in event viewer?
TLegal's picture
I didn't see anything out the ordinary.  I just built this server from scratch so their aren't any strange applications beyond the strange ones that SBS installs.  I have read that BE 12D relies on .NET 2.0 and some of the security patches that MS installs can cause problems.  .NET 2.0 came preinstalled from Dell will all the patches.  Have you experienced the same issues?
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Sorry, no AV on the server yet.  Thought I would jump through this hurdle first before layering another app on.
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Please refer to the following article to see if we can isolate the issue.
BayBusinessTaurangaNZ's picture
Hi RahulM,
Have read through the is comprehensive and lists a lot of possible causes and if i had a week to spend on every server i install to troubleshoot why beromte crashes when I don't even have any remote agents installed, and why beremote.exe crashing causes my backups to stop part way through then this would be a wonderful article.
I have been through many of these steps and even had Symantec Engineers remote into some of the servers I have and they cannot find a fault.
This issue is similar to many others I have seen, band new SBS install, nothing else installed other than SBS and BE. BE should run and be more reliable than it is..simple as that :smileymad: 
All the engineers at the company I work at are trying to find ways to get BE stable. Some refuse to install any updates if they get BE working reliably and on some sites we just backup the data and do not bother with the system state or any other troublesome aspects of a backup because we simply do not have the time to spend holding Backup Exec's hand to get a clean backup day in day out.
I challenge Symantec to contact Microsoft and find out how many error reports get sent to Microsoft re beremote.exe or any other BE component crashing and release these figures on this about it?
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I agree with Nigel.  I have only installed initial security releases from Microsoft on this SBS server (Dell server).  It is R2 with SP2.  Before installing one application I installed BE 12D, rebooted the server and the remote agent BE service and all the services that are dependent on it have hung and consequently failed not to restart.  I appreciate the article that has been posted but I don't really have the time to go through this laundry list of troubleshooting for a product that is right out of the box installed on a brand new server.  I haven't even configured a backup job yet!  I am doing a backup to folder routine so drivers aren't even an issue.
Please advise!