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Created: 28 Nov 2011 | 2 comments
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Hi All @ Symantec Connect,

Can any body tell me how many servers can be integrated through syslog.

Currently we have above 90 AIX server integrated with SSIM through syslog server.

But from couple of back weeks, I am experencing that my syslogs server i.e ibm aix on wihich we have installed aix collector services get hanged very frequently.

Do anybody have information about this.



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Apart from licensing (90 servers through one syslog server = 90 server licenses) there's no limitation on number of servers integrated through syslog, your AIX server should simply be forwarding the logs to the syslog director on SSIM which in turn will send it to the appropriate syslog collector.  You might be hitting a limitation based on the amount of syslogs the server is trying to cope with? Not sure what you mean by AIX Collector Services?

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You should start moving those servers from AIX collector to UNIX collector which has its own syslog server and does not rely on another syslog server. You can install the nuix collector on ssim server as well as a windows or linux server. An on-box collector can handle an EPS of 6000+ if no other collectors are running on that SSIM server where as an off-box one can handle 3000+ EPS. So the only costraint is the EPS.