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Just ran our first Discover Scan

Created: 06 May 2013 | 4 comments

So we are just finishing up our first Discover scan and I found that for the first day, a lot of data was crunched and scanned, some incidents were found and all that is great, exactly what it is supposed to do.

After about 26 hours of scanning, the tool finished a File Share and moved to the next one. Since then, 0 (zero) bytes have been scanned but it is still going through each file share. Some taking 1 minute to scan where others might take 2 hours to scan but it is generating 0 (zero) bytes of data scanned. Is this normal? Even if there isn't an incident, it should still be scanning documents.

While it could be that there isn't anything within those file shares to scan, what could any possible issues be?


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what is being scanned (pst files.pdf files) all take time some items take longer then others to complete.

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We have excluded .pst files. What we are scanning is any document (excel, word, pdf, zip) on different shares. All 14 have completed but according to the logs and reports, only the first two generated something on the report and logs. The other shares don't even come up in the logs.

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Do you have the correct permissions to scan the share it is scanning?  Try loggin in with that credential you are scanning with on the discover server and try browsing to the share you are trying to scan and see what happens.  

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Please chcek the permission and rights.