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Just want some clarification on Drafts archiving

Created: 29 Jul 2013 • Updated: 29 Jul 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I've been recommended to turn off Drafts archiving due to a number of 3438 error that come from them. I was just about to do so, but then saw this in the description and need some clarification:

"If the policy specifies shortcut creation, draft items are treated as shortcuts for the purposes of shortcut deletion".

Thinking about it, this should be clear, but I need to know: this means that only if Drafts ARE being archived will they be removed according to the shortcut policy? My understanding: If Drafts are NOT being archived, then EV will do nothing with them, regardless of the shortcut policy.

Is my understanding correct?

Thanks as always,


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That is right, if Drafts are not an enabled messageclass EV will ignore them.

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Hi Robert

Yes. That is correct. If drafts are not being archived, then EV will do nothing with them. Under the shortcut deletion tab, there are two options:

1. Delete shortcuts in folders. Setting this makes Enterprise Vault delete old shortcuts but does not affect the corresponding archived items. Users can still search for the archived items.

2. Delete orphaned shortcuts. Select this to make Enterprise Vault delete shortcuts in mailboxes if the corresponding archived item has been deleted.

So, if you are archiving drafts and you have one of these two options enabled, EV would delete "drafts" as if they were shortcuts and it would remove them one the archived "draft" item is already expired from the storage.

Again, if you are not archiving drafts, then you shouldn't be concerned about these options.

I hoipe this helps !!

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Hah, why does everyone call me Robert?!

No seriously, thanks both, that's really helped.