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keep data for 4 weeks

Created: 13 Feb 2013 | 6 comments


I am very new to BU and I have a legacy BU server here, I was trying to clean tapes for a new jobs on our loader and there are some tapes that came across as "keep data fro 4 weeks" I tried to associate this tapes the the scratch media so I can use them again but "nada" they just keep the retencion period, what  can I do to makesthis tapes scratchables again and be able to use them.

Thanks for any help

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You can do a quick erase and that should scratch the media. However, if you right click and move it to scratch media set, that will also make it overwritable

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Thanks a bunch for jumping in

I right-clik on the slot and tried to assocated with the scratch media but nothing happened, it stayed the same, with no change, how do you move the media from "keep data fro 4 weekes" to scratch media, also I did try to erase quick but the job did not even star.

Thanks again 

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thats odd. What is the version of BE. To move the media you just have to right click on the media and associate it with target media set, choose scratch media set from there and click on OK. When you started the quick erase did u get an error. How is it showing. If you can share a screenshot

also ref :

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Backup Exec server 14.0 Rev. 1798(64-bit)

I did tries that but the media did not change media set , it remained "keep data for 4 weeks" and once i forced to erase now, the job did not started, and there was no error, is like I never press the ok to start the erase.

Thanks again

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G I just dont know how to add a screeshot here, 


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Switch to Rich Text Editor under the comments field if you haven't done so, then click on the Image button, then click Browse server, a new window will pop up, so disable popup blocking for this site and choose quick upload, find your image and click ok to upload. click on the image you uploaded, insert, ok and your done.