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Keeping Organizational Groups Up To Date

Created: 10 Sep 2012 • Updated: 20 Sep 2012 | 3 comments
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   We are using SMP 7.1.2.   What we are trying to accomplish is the use of Organization Views to deploy patches.    I have the automation policy working to bring in certain OUs in to it but I have a question.   What if an item leaves the OU.   Is there a way to have it remove it from that Organization Group?   I am going to encounter this problem over and over because we are going to go through a reorganization of our assets and they may crossover from OUs and what have you.  

   Thank you for any help and anything you can provide for the direction I can go in.   I was notified today we need to have stuff rolling out by Friday and the guy who trained on SMP is on another adventure and might not be able to help out.



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For clarification.

Your requirement is to update an Org Group based on OU Membership?

As systems change OU membership they should also change Org Groups?

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Here is an issue we will run in to (and why I cannot go by pure OU).

Our company is over 10+ regions and then they roll up in to basically 5 divisions.   Each division is run differently.   One division has some of the regions OUs broken out by site.   So when they have patches, they want it done to the OUs and exclude a few OUs for manual updates.  

The the rest of that region and the other four regions have different visions.   Some of them want to go by IP address (so that is another one I might need to have the org group clear on)... some of them may want to go by computer name (Like starts with A-F, G-S, T-Z) to stagger out the deployments...   some may go with OU.   

Asking the regions to change the OUs by site will be difficult.. some of them have 100 sites.   Then you have GPOs, etc.

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I was advised by someone outside of my company use groups.  I started using filters and life is much, much easier.   My apologies to the group.