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Key not found; email blocked

Created: 20 Sep 2012 | 5 comments

I'm trying to send an email but am getting the above message, this happens to all individuals within the same organisation. I can only presume I've managed to block the recipients company, can anyone help?

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Check this artical.

PGP: Message is blocked by policy - recipient key not found

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Thanks, turning off the encryption software has enabled me to send messages but now I can't reactivate the email encryption? I'm sure this is due to my ineptitude... the PGP Desktop states 'License does not support email proxying' does this mean I need to update it with my license key for it to work again?

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This makes it look like a licensing problem.  Perhaps your license has expired?  This would result in you only being able to use the email proxy for incoming email.  You can go to About PGP Desktop to see the status of your licensing.  You can also use the License button there to re-enter your license.  Re-entering you license may take care of the problem if it isn't reporting that your license has expired.

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Are you sure your license does PGP Messaging? Have you used the names "Authorized User" and "Authorized Company" in name and company fields when you activate the license?

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I had PGP Messaging working before? No worries though I'll go back to the vendor and see what they can suggest. Thanks for all your help.