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Key points for maintenance of Videojet printer

Created: 01 Feb 2013 • Updated: 15 Oct 2014 | 1 comment
In case to effectively improve machines' efficiency and guarantee the running stability of Videojet printer, Huax Tech here lists some failures and solutions to Videojet 400 printer for users' reference.
1. Failure in Videojet printer ink line system. Check the ink line to see whether there is any blocking in Videojet filters, leaking in ink tube and blocking in ink adding line.
2. CPU automatic reset function to Videojet printer. Check the grounding condition and whether there is interference in the surrounding environment, as well as power supply.
3. Viscosity failure. Firstly check whether there is any blocking or leaking in viscosity valve; then check the quality of the ink, adjustment settings for viscosity, liquid level sensor.
4. Charging failure. Adjust the ink splitting, clean the printing nozzle and make sure whether the ink line and its location is stable. Then check the grounding, and see whether there is static. Finally, please confirm whether there is any broken in phase detectors, as well as quality to the ink and any disorder or failure for software system.
5. Fan failure. Clean the filter net of the fan, check whether there is any broken fan blades and any failures to the fan detecting board. Finally check the PCB.
6. High voltage failure. Please check whether the environment is too wet, clean and dry the high voltage deflector, clear the dust. What's more, check the sensitivity of the high voltage, whether there is damage to the high voltage insulation wire or leaking in high voltage resistance. Finally, please test the PCB.
7. Pressure failure to Videojet printer. Please firstly check the ink circulatory system, including pre-pump filter, pump pressure Transducer, Venturi,etc. If there is no problem, then just check the electrical control system, including pump control board, liquid level sensor, pump zero setting.
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Thanks for sharing this very informative article of your, I find it hard to maintain my videojet printer because of limited knowledge, and I am afraid to do my own cleaning because I might touch someting that can cause errors.  So I better seek for a professional help and it cost me much for this cleanig. So I made my own study about the device to do my own cleaning in the future.  toner impresora