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Key tasks and topics for Virtual Machine Management 7.1 SP2

Created: 26 Mar 2012 • Updated: 11 Apr 2012
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Virtual Machine Management solution lets you manage the virtual resources of your network. The below table shows a list of key tasks and related HOWTO articles for Virtual Machine Management 7.1 SP2.

Task Description How To
Create virtual machine You can create virtual machines through the Virtual Machine Management solution. HOWTO63206
Create virtual disk You can create virtual disks for the virtual machines that you create. HOWTO48638
Create virtual network You can create virtual network for the virtual machine. Each virtual machine requires a virtual network to connect to the host. HOWTO48641
Run power management tasks on virtual machines You can change the power state of your virtual machines. The power control options are start, stop, suspend, resume, shut down,
and restart.




Create snapshot of a virtual machine You can create snapshots to preserve certain states of your virtual machines. HOWTO63210
Revert snapshot of a virtual machine You can use the revert snapshot option to restore a previously saved state of a virtual machine. HOWTO63211
Delete snapshot of a virtual machine You can use the delete snapshot option to delete a snapshot. HOWTO63212
Collect inventory of the virtual environment You can collect the inventory data of the hosts and their virtual environment. HOWTO63203
View Virtual Machine Management reports You can view the details of the host and its virtual environment. HOWTO63204