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Key tasks in Inventory Solution 7.1 SP2

Created: 23 Apr 2012 • Updated: 28 Mar 2013
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Obtaining and analyzing accurate inventory data is an important part of managing and securing your network.

Inventory Solution lets you gather inventory data about computers, users, operating systems, and installed software applications in your environment. You can collect inventory data from Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac computers.

In the table below, you find the links to the HowTo articles that explain the key tasks and topics of Inventory Solution.

Topic \ Task


Article link

Methods for gathering inventory

You can use different methods for gathering different types of inventory data. Each method has some advantages and possible disadvantages.


Gathering inventory on managed computers

Inventory policies let you gather inventory on a recurring schedule. Inventory Solution includes the predefined inventory policies that you can use, or you can create your own. You can use unique policies and schedules for different kinds of inventory.

This method requires the Symantec Management Agent and an Inventory Plug-in to be installed on target computers.


Gathering inventory using stand-alone packages

(Windows only)

A stand-alone inventory package is an executable file that you create from the Symantec Management Console. You run the package on target computers and gather the inventory data of that computer. This method lets you gather inventory on the target computers that are not managed through the Symantec Management Agent.


Gathering custom inventory

Custom inventory lets you customize the set of inventory data that is gathered and reported to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).


Gathering software inventory

Software inventory collects information about the software applications that are installed on your client computers.

When you perform software inventory, you can use different methods to gather different types of software data.


Metering and denying applications

(Windows only)

Application metering lets you control the availability and monitor the use of software applications and software products.


Gathering baseline inventory

(Windows only)

Baseline inventory lets you track and compare the changes in files and registry settings for target computers. You generate a baseline that identifies the files or registry settings of a standard configuration computer. You can later run the compliance scans on your client computers to compare their current files or registry keys with those in the baseline. The differences between the baseline scan and compliance scan are reported to the CMDB.


Viewing inventory results

When inventory data is gathered, it is stored in the CMDB.

You can use the following functions of the Symantec Management Platform to view the information in the CMDB:

  • Inventory and application metering reports
  • The Resource Manager
  • The enhanced Symantec Management Console views