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Key tasks in Software Management Framework 7.1 SP2

Created: 22 Mar 2012 • Updated: 22 Mar 2012
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Software Management Framework uses the Software Catalog and the Software Library to provide a structure for identifying and managing software. The tasks that you can perform in Software Management Framework help you to define and manage the software that is used in your organization.

In the following table are links to articles that explain the key tasks and topics in Software Management Framework.

Task Description
Set up the Software Library You can set up a Software Library directory and associate it with a Symantec Management Platform installation.
See Setting up the Software Library
Configure settings You can select the Software Management Framework settings to help you manage the Software Catalog and its resources.
See About Software Management Framework settings
View the software You can perform a search in the Software view and in the Software Catalog window to find specific software. You can also use advanced search criteria to further narrow the software that is displayed.
See Finding software in the Software view and in the Software Catalog
Populate the Software Catalog You can populate the Software Catalog by adding software resources. There are several methods to add software resources to the Software Catalog.
See Methods for populating the Software Catalog
Add and edit software resources You can add and edit additional information, regardless of how a software resource is created.
See Adding associations to a software resource
See Associating a package with a software resource
See Adding file resources to a software resource
Populate the Software Library The Software Library is a secure directory that is the centralized repository of the definitive, authorized versions of the software that your organization manages. Place packages in the Software Library to ensure that external users cannot change the packages after they have been approved for rollout in your environment.
See Importing a package to create a software resource
See Importing data from a data provider
See Associating a package with a software resource
See Adding an existing package to the Software Library
Create command lines for software resources You can create a command line that runs a package or that runs without a specific package.
See Creating a command line for a software resource
Create inventory rules (Windows only) Inventory rules perform the checks that are related to the software that is installed on a client computer and to the computer's environment. You can create and edit the inventory rules that you associate with specific software resources.
See Creating or editing inventory rules