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keys from labeled messages?

Created: 08 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

I just tried downloading a friend's key from The "key" I received has this as its header which has me scratching my head and a little concerned about what has happened with the global directory over the last few years.


Version: PGP Universal 2.9.1 (Build 347)
My concerns are twofold:
1. It isn't supposed to be a message but rather a key.
2. So far as I know version 2.9.1 was unsupported over a year ago. Why is symantec running it internally. It seems to me that the last time I checked the global directory was running 3.x. I know 2.9.x had a number of issues. I am curious if delivering keys as messages was one of them. 
I did try changing the header and footer to indicate it is a public key and was able to get Kleopatra to import the key. It just seems weird (and I thought someone on the PGP team as opposed to the verisign side might want to know).
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Tom Mc's picture

I just downloaded a key and it shows as:


Version: PGP Universal 2.9.1 (Build 347)

I don't know why version 2.9.1 is used.

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The Global Directory is not quite a "stock" version of PGP Universal (Symantec Encryption Management Server), it has a number of modifications to support its use as the Global Directory.

Since this is its only function, there is no need to update it to support new gateway messaging features or to improve its ability to serve policy to hundreds of thousands of Whole Disk Encryption clients.

I do expect we will update it at some point but it continues to function reasonably well as is.



David Finkelstein

Symantec R&D