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Created: 11 Oct 2010 | 9 comments
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Could someone please let me know when the lab notes and presentations from Vision Barcelona are going to be made available on-line? 

Many thanks.

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Good Question, i'm looking for the same.......i get an E-Mail from Symantec Vision Event that all Content is on the USB Stick we get inside the Back Pack but it is not so. Yes on the USB Stick are some informations over Products from Symantec but not the Lab Notes or Breakout Presentations.

Thank You !

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Hi everyone,

All Vision delegates will receive a Thank-you note next week which will include the link to all session presentations. You will need your Vision login to get access to it. The link will be the same as the session scheduler link:

However, if you did not attend Vision, you will not have access to the presentations.

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Leslie, this is very sad: "if you did not attend Vision, you will not have access to the presentations"

What about potential value for Symantec?

The more people are aware of technologies - the more potential sales. Am I wrong?

Lot of IT pros do not have enough budgeting to get to Vision. But they also do need materials to learn from. To be more educated. To spread knowlenge further. To make Symantec customers life easier. And so on.

Is there any way to get the Vision material for non-attendees?


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You lament the unavailability of Vision materials to those who did not attend, but providing them wouldn't be fair. Many delegates paid a lot to have access to this information and providing it free of charge would really not be appropriate. I understand you want additional information about the products, so consider checing ou the articles and information available publically here on Connect and other places.

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Leslie, I totally agree with you that Vision attendees did pay for reasons. One of them - getting the post conference materials.

(1) You wrote: "providing it free of charge would really not be appropriate" - agree 100%.

Well, maybe there's some other way to get those materials for non-attendees? Not free of charge?

My point is following: Vision team made a lot of efforts creating content for the conference. Giving broader access (again - not free of charge) to it would be great - just imagine the ROI.

Thank you for understanding.

(2) To check publicly avail. info - I'm constantly doing so. PartnerNet and EntSupport are great! :)

Note: I closed my Materials from Vision 2010 HOLs wanted forum discussion - it was duplicating this discussion.


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...I was due to go to Vision as a Trusted Advisor until my company canned that idea 6 weeks before the due date. It means that although I was registered, I won't get that material either!

Microsoft do exactly the same thing with Tech Ed...they don't make their DVD available. Considerable cost goes into making the presentations, and freebies available at events like this, and it is true of ALL IT companies.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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All of the presentations are now available. They're even available for free on Connect. you can see them here:


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Thanks Leslie for the link, it's very helpfull

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Thanks hey Leslie!!!

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