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The lack of ability to copy data from Backup Exec 2012 UI

Created: 26 Jul 2013 • Updated: 16 Aug 2013 | 3 comments
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One of the small features I miss the most in Backup Exec 2012 is the ability to highlight some information in the UI, and copy it to an Excel document manually. I know it sounds like a small issue, but there are times when I want to pull some specific tapes from my library and there is no easy way to do that now. The custom report feature is a joke, and it would take me 10x longer to build a report or use a command line to copy out what I need when it's a specific collection of tapes or other information.

So what will it take to have Symantec add this small, but useful feature back into the product? Let me be able to hit CTRL-C on an it, and give me Tab delimited text date of what was copied. Very frustrating!

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Im sorry that this functionality was lost in 2012 and i know that you arent interested in creating a customer report.. but have you tried running any of the canned reports...   

 Perhaps  Reports/Media/Media summary... you could then select the specific media sets that have been applied to the tapes you want to remove or just select all media set "Check All" The generated report will allow you to copy the tape lables and generated data "ctrl C" into an excell doc

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Thanks for your quick reply!

I do that now, but that still generates an XLS report that is full of unncessary items (images, funky formatting, merged fields), or a CSV file that I have to convert to XLS, and then reformat. Both options require many more steps than before. Plus, there are no options to customize that report, or be more selective than a Media Set.

There are other situations I want to do a copy/paste like in previous versions. For example, copying a select number of rows from the job history so I can plot out server backup sizes. Again, I know there is report that can do some of this, but it does not give me enough information. I can only go back a month with that report, and even finding the server to backup in the list is difficult since you can't sort or search that list in the reporting section.

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Im sorry about your frustrations... 

You can submit your suggestion under the Ideas section of the backup and recovery forum. Suggestions that get a number of Thumbs up votes are often considered and incorperated in future releases... see link below

you can create content in this section by selecting the Create content tab in the banner of your connect page / Select Idea and populate the required fields and Save

I hope this posting was helpful