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lan switch and san switch

Created: 17 Feb 2013 • Updated: 18 Feb 2013 | 10 comments
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HI all,

I am bew to this tool.I am reading the NBU manuals right now.I just wanna know how my media servers ,master and client and library are connected?

My data travels through the LAN cables? or through FC Cables?

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*** readies pitchfork and lantern ***

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I think the "I just wanna know" gives it away.

Regards,  Martin
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No.I have posted first time on this.

Can anybody please provide me some basic info

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Are you a backup admin? Do you have any server eperience? Do you know what these components are?

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In general, backup data travels via LAN from clients to media servers, and media servers store recieved data to destination storage like tapes, disks, or OpenStorage.

Tape libraries or VTLs are usually connected through SAN or directly attached through FC, SAS, Parallel SCSI or so. So, yes, in general, backup data does not travel through LAN when it goes from media servers to destination storages. If using OpenStorage or NAS disks, backup data travels through LAN.

When you configured FT(Fibre Transport), backup data travels SAN when it goes from clients(SAN clients) to media servers(FT media servers).

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OK Thanks yasuhisa.

.So in case of SAN client and SAN media servers,Only Data travels from SAN only ?

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SAN media server is limited version of media server that can store its own data only, and is not same with FT media server.

Do you mean "SAN client and FT media server"? If so, yes.


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As mentioned above, SAN media sever is limited edition of media server, and this can its own data to destination storage. Client host and media server host is same in this case, so data does not travel through LAN when backup data goes from client to media server.

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