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Created: 26 Oct 2013 | 2 comments


Is there a solution for Laptop Users who frequently move between H.O and Branch? Can DLO work on both the BE Servers (H.O and B.O)? Branch server is also connected to H.O domain.


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I don't think that DLO is going to have the functionality of moving users between offices. I actually haven't heard of any other similar software doing this. The user wouldnhave to be moved to thenew DLO server and configured accordingly.
Maybe put this into an idea?


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Well this is very important because we have multiple branches and our users frequently visiting these branches. we have installed one BE Server in each branch. It will be much better if BE Servers in different branches can be synchronized over the slow wan link and also per user or profile based.

Moverover, at least DLO should also work over the wan link without VPN by using some port forward through the firewall using Fixed Public IP and DDNS.