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Large content downloads by LUA server

Created: 10 Jan 2013 • Updated: 28 Jan 2013 | 9 comments
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I am running LiveUpdate Administrator v2.3.1 and downloading all content updates for use by my SEP11 SEPMs.

Usually the LUA downloads about 300MB of content per day, but yesterday it downloaded almost 4GB of data, and today it downloaded 7.6GB.  Luckily the downloads happened overnight, so there was no impact on the customer network. 

However I want to understand why it was necessary to download such a large amount of data on two successive days given that the LUA is fully up to date on content.  Had the downloads happened in office hours the network impact could have been considerable.

Is there a way to throttle the content downloaded at any one time?


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Check these Articles:

How Big are Current Symantec Endpoint Protection Definitions?

Managing LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Space Usage

A Helpful LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Analogy

Secondly, Latest version of LUA is 2.3.2. It is recommneded to Install this Latest version of LUA on your machine.

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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use the latest version.

if you do not have Mac OS , uncheck that definition to be downloaded.

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Perhaps this may be of use to you?

"...For updates that utilize monthly Hub sets, there will be a much larger LUA download once a month of between 1.5 and 2.5 GB..."

Is it possible you have content for multiple products selected for download (all of which use the Hub defs mentioned in the article)?

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Hi all,

Those are the monthly HUB definitions.  All LUA servers will have one large download like this per month: this month it is roughly a week earlier than ususal.

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As mentioned above  if there are no Macintosh machines in the environment you can remove the download for those definitions - it will take usually couple of GBs each month. Here a document where the MAC defs download is being set up:

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Thanks for all the responses, very helpful.  This article by Mick was of particular interest:

I'm comfortable with the idea of hub defs being downloaded once a month, however it would help if I could be sure roughly what time of day or night this is likely to happen.  My LUAs are configured to check for updates once per hour to ensure the SEP11 clients get updates as quickly as possible.

If a hub definition set were to be downloaded during office hours that could impact Internet access for users.  So, is it possible to know if Symantec always release hub defs during the night (UK time), or is it random timing?


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Cheers for the compliments on the article, GW. &: )

The time and date for the release of the hub definitions differs from month to month.  It might be a good enhancement request (Connect Forum Idea) to allow admins to choose when to downlaod them, when they are available?

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"Thumbs up" from me, if it is a feature that LUA admins would find useful.

Here's a link to the proposed enhancement request for anyone else who would like to cast a vote:

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