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Large directories - SEP 11 MR1 and disk usage

Created: 10 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments
Upgraded to SEP 11 MR1 yesterday. Followed the instructions and did a backup of the old installation which apparently end up in the data\backup directory. It is quite large > 3Gb. What does this backup contain and is there any way to decrease it or move it to another location?
Also noticed another directory - 'db' that contains a file called sem5.db that's in excess of 3Gb. What's the function of this file and is there any way to decrease/eliminate or move it?
The file server halted a few days ago because SEP filled up the space completely by aggregating files in the inetpub folder. I think I've fixed this problem though.
The disk space requirement for SEP at the management server seems quite excessive!

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May I suggest you a different approach? I am sorry if it doesnt really answer your question.
1. Install SEPM in a virtual machine environment. I think if you look around, you can find a decent VMWARE workstation works in Server 2003. Contact me if you need more information.
2. Running SEPM in a contained environment will make things easier to contain. We all know that SEPM, let along SEP, is not the best thing to do at the moment. However, since MR-1 rolled out, we have been having less problems. I still think that SEPM is not high enough in terms of reliability compared to SSC (Symantec System Center) which SAV used to have.
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I'm so agree with lautamas. Use VMWare to create a testing environment to play around with SEP 11 before you actually deploy it to your live system if you don't have enough machine to run testing. Or simply run the SEP 11 under VM permanently.
SEP 11 is so far a piece of garbage, and I don't plan to update the system in the near future, or I will actually never do that. Overall, my SEP 11 takes up about 6GB of space in total, and it slows down the machine at least 70%.
Since the initial installation, I have it running on a testing server and the performance is just unbelievably bad. I have my live system remain on SAV 9 just for the stability.
I would appreciate it so much if anyone would give me a shout once you find out a working solution.
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Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately I've to agree everyone when it comes to performance issues. Even thought Symantec claims memory footprint is 80% less than the previous version performance has gone 90% down!:smileysad: Even though I've deployed this software to many of my customers sites I'm really not happy with it's performance and the virus catching effectiveness. Some of the virus are passing through when free version of AVG and also Kaspersky mange to catch them easily.
I've to submit the infect files to Symantec everytime to get a solution. The bad part is everytime I do that they claim it's a new variant and then released the patch for it. How come they take reactive actions like this when we expect proactive actions?
SEP11 is a great product with a good vision but so far I don't agree Symantec is giving it's full attention to keep it that way. They must have invest the money on the R&D but the core funcitons still not very good. Clients still expect Antivirus software to do it's job best (Catch virus) and SEP11 or I'd dare to say Symantec fails in that. I've already lost 2 major Enterprise customers due to this. I do hope they will look into simple things quite seriously.