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Last 7 Days Backup Incorrect

Created: 28 Jun 2013 • Updated: 28 Jun 2013 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have an issue with how the "Last 7 Days of Backup Jobs" displays on my backup exec 2012 server, running on Microsoft Server 2012.  If my backup on a server starts running at 11pm, (when everyone is out of the office, and remote users are logged out by then) and finishes after 12am, so the next day, it will label it as friday is backed up properly.  In my mind friday did not have a backup run, it was thursdays that just ran into next day.  For me I know how to see this and get what is going on.  I may have to deleagate swapping backup cartridges in the near future as I get busier and am not in the office all the time.  I want the employee who is doing this to see the correct day being labeled as having a backup.  This bugs me especially because if you go to restore something, it will label the backup with the time and date of start time.  Is there anyway to change how the UI displays this, or will I just have to make sure that my employee knows what is going on?

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Jaydeep S's picture

BE 2012 marks the backup as per the completion date. So if the Backup job finished after 12:00 AM it will mark with the next day (not the day when it started)

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If there is no way to change it, I will just have to live with it.  Although It doesnt make much sense to me, that if a job started thurday at 10pm, finished at 12:01am that backup exec sees that as friday being backed up.  Thanks for the reply.

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Unfortunately, thats by design and has no work around.

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Something I just noticed in the original post that I had not before.. 

"backup exec 2012 server, running on Microsoft Server 2012" This is not a supported configuration BE 2012 with the Beta SP2 can only be used to backup a Server 2012 as a agent not as a Media Server.

Brok Inger's picture

So you are saying that Backup Exec 2012 is not supposed to work with Server 2012? And I am not using a beta SP2.  Everything seems to be working fine for me on server 2012, I can backup and restore just fine...  Will I potentially run into issues in the future?  I suppose I can Run a VM for server 2003, that I have a license for.

Jaydeep S's picture

I am not sure whan and what potential isue that you might run into with you existing setup. I would not go with this setup as if you land in any issues and call tech support for help, they might not be able to do anything.

As for running BE as a VM on Server 2003 should work as long as you are not backing up to a Tape device. Tape drives connected using a SCSI pass through are not supported as well. Is there any way that you can put BE on a physical host.

Brok Inger's picture

I am backing up to an RDX drive via Sata.  Puting it on a physical machine is not optimal for me unfortunately.  If I do this and backup with a VM, will I need to then purchase another windows agent for the server I actually want to backup?

Jaydeep S's picture

Not really, where ever you can connect the RDX drive via SATA (probabely Host) and keep using the way you do now in Server 2012. It should not be a problem. Or if this becomes complicated to setup on a 2003 OS, you could just create a remote B2D.