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Latest version 10.3.1 causes Windows to hang on shutdown (and kills USB)

Created: 20 Dec 2013 | 5 comments

This is an odd problem. Everything was fine until latest version of PGP/now Drive Encryption. Following 10.3.1 on Windows 7, the USB slots stop working and Windows hangs on shutdown. On removing the program from Windows and reverting to the previous, everything is fine. Something is different about 10.3.1 that my computer does not like. 

All suggestions welcome! BC WIpe and Truecrypt are also installed.

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What are you using both Truecrypt and PGP for?

Please mark posts as solutions if they solve your problem!

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I use PGP for WDE of the Windows drive and TC to encrypt other drives. (TC was installed a long time ago and in those days they didn't do WDE so I bought PGP).

Yes, odd to have both on the machine. In fact, I'm also experimenting with DiskCryptor though it comes over as a bit amateurish compared to PGP.

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Hmm. I seem to have solved this by uninstalling the previous version of "PGP" and also BC Wipe. Version 10.3.1 is working properly after a fresh install of it. I will report back as "solved" shortly!

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I thought this problem had gone away but is hasn't.

Am I the only one for whom 10.3.1 is a disaster? Previous versions for the last 5 years or so including 10.2.1 have worked fine but 10.3.1 causes Windows to hang on shutdown and then when I restart, Windows is wrecked and it starts asking for the recovery disk (luckily, I just put back a previous image with Acronis True Image). Also, the USB ports do not work with 10.3.1 installed. I have had to go back to 10.2.1 MP5 which is fine for now but I hope this is sorted out by the time the next release happens.

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It seems that Acronis True Image 2014 (and 2013) are the problem. When I uninstall these on laptop or desktop, "PGP" 10.3.1 works fine. Otherwise I have to use 10.2.1.

Basically, the USB ports freeze and Windows 7 hangs on shutdown if I try to install Acronis True Image on a system where 10.3.2 is uninstalled. I don't know who to blame: Acronis or Symantec!

I hope this can be fixed for the next release of either product.